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Invites go by SMS after you enter customer info, AI Assisted Customer Review Hints & AI Assisted Staff Review Responses

ReviewInviter AutoPilot


Invites go out automatically after customer checkout. (No AI Features Included)

ReviewInviter AutoPilot + Swell


Invites go out automatically + full Swell Customer Communications Suite Features. (No AI Features Included)

ReviewInviter Core, $199/mo

ReviewInviterAI+ Features

AI Assisted Customer Review Hints

Review Invites with Dashboard

Review Invites via SMS Keyword

Review Invites via NFC or QR Code

SMS Review Invite Campaigns

Option to upload customer list

AI Assisted Staff Review Responses

Use Dashboard to respond to Google Reviews

Use Mobile SMS to respond to Google Reviews

  • ReviewInviterAI+ Features*

  • ReviewShowcaser streams Google Reviews*

  • ReviewPix Facebook Posts*

ReviewInviter without + Features Available at $67 per month for a limited time.

ReviewInviter AutoPilot, $249/mo

Customer Connector App = autopilot invites

Review Invites with desktop or mobile App

SMS & Email Review Invite Campaigns

Option to upload customer list

Use App to respond to Google Reviews

TeamChat to track customer service tasks

ReviewPix Facebook Posts

ReviewShowcaser streams Google reviews

Get notified on any poor online review

ReviewInviter AutoPilot + Swell, $299/mo

All ReviewInviter Autopilot Features +

Produce a new 60 second featured review video commercial each month

Swell App Features:

Staff can access from desktop or mobile app

Staff can communicate with customers or other staff with TeamChat

Message: Customer sms communications

Webchat-sms for no friction conversations

Review: Respond to Google Reviews easily

Schedule: Appt requests handled efficiently

Pay: SMS customer payment requests

Survey: Gauge customer sentiment outside of online reviews

Insight: Review Analytics Dashboard

ReviewInviterAI Features Included

Swell App Features Included

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The ReviewInviter Plans


ReviewInviterAI+ will build your online Google reviews and then promote them on your website and social media properties. Built-in is the feature of replying to your new Google reviews within the dashboard via SMS text message when your team member is notified of a new review. Since customers either don't have the time or don't know what to write in their review, ReviewInviterAI gives your customer an option to request a AI generated review hint to start their review writing effort. In addition to a solution on how to get Google reviews, ReviewInviterAI+ focuses on promoting your new online reviews so customers and prospects are aware of what great things are being said about you and your team:

Our ReviewShowcaser widget gently streams your new Google reviews on the lower edge of each page of your website. New website visitors become aware of what other happy customers are posting about your business.

ReviewInviterAI+ includes our stellar ReviewPix syndication system. As new reviews are detected online for your business a new social media graphic is created featuring the new review along with an attention getting picture. The completed post automatically is posted to your Facebook business page. It will extend the reach of your Facebook page and continue the focus on promoting the new reviews you generate from the hard customer service work from your team.

ReviewInviterAI is available without ReviewShowcaser and ReviewPix for a limited time for only $67 /mo

ReviewInviter AutoPilot

ReviewInviter AutoPilot integrates with Swell to automate the process of sending customer review invites. ReviewInviterAI may soon have automated review requests, but currently a team member needs to spend a few seconds on their computer or mobile phone with the ReviewInviterAI dashboard to start the review invite process. A customer can also scan a QR code or tap an NFC to reveal a link to enter their info into the system. The system needs a name and phone number to know who to send the invite too.

This should not be a big problem with good staff training but we have found that, when possible, it is best to eliminate any staff task completely by linking your customer check out system so it can communicate with our system. You simply turn on RI Autopilot and new Google reviews start to happen. RI Autopilot utilizes all the Customer Connectors provided in the Swellcx system.

You can refer to this page at for a list of customer/client/patient applications that currently bridge to ReviewInviter AutoPilot. The list is extensive and chances are we can connect with your system.

ReviewInviter AutoPilot includes the ReviewInviterAI+ review promotion features: ReviewShowcaser and ReviewPix to stream your Google reviews on your website and promote reviews on your business Facebook page.

Includes all Google reviews, as it streams reviews on your website with the ReviewShowcaser widget.

Creates attractive ReviewPix social media posts and syndicates them to Instagram and Twitter in addition to Facebook

ReviewShowcaser gives you access to a unique 5-star reviews embed script so you can embed a regularly updated list of all your current 5-star reviews on a page of your choice on your website.

ReviewInviter AutoPilot+Swell

ReviewInviter AutoPilot + Swell is by far the best value to grow your review profile and empower your staff with the most efficient tools to provide the next level of customer communications so you can dominate your market by providing the best customer experience of all your competitors.

RI AutoPilot use some of the Swell app features for review generation and review response. ReviewInviter AutoPilot + Swell adds all the rest of the Swellcx features.

These include all the customer SMS text communications tools from Swellcx. It starts with the Swell Webchat-sms widget so website visitors can ask a question about your business easily then the conversation continues by text message on their mobile device.

Your team uses the Swellcx app to promptly answer their questions via text message which is how most customers want to communicate now. You can even use the same system to reply to a customer or prospect question from your Facebook business page.

With RI AutoPilot + Swell we include a professionally produced 60 second review commercial video featuring one of your recent reviews. We do this every month for you. You can use these videos any way you want to, and we can have it display on any page of your website at no extra charge to you.

ReviewInviter AutoPilot + Swell is an amazing value if you are serious about attracting a large quantity of new online reviews and then promoting those reviews across a variety of online channels and properties. It’s like getting both systems for the price of just one.

Want to see ReviewInviter in action?

To find out if ReviewInviter is a good fit for your business, lets schedule a short online meeting to learn ReviewInviter and how to get Google Reviews. A flood of new Google reviews for your great business is easy to achieve if you give your team the right tools.

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