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A two-click automated review process that converts customers into online reviews which prospects use to find your business online.

  • A simple, timely text message.
  • A quick reminder and the ability to leave a review in seconds
  • A streamlined review experience that's so simple, they'll actually do it
  • Review links are smart...the system tracks each invite to see if a review is posted
  • Proven way to increase reviews on Google
how can i increase my google reviews

Respond to all new reviews

how to increase google reviews for business

Prospects expect to see that business owners are aware of their online reviews and regularly responding to customers who take the time to provide valuable feedback.

Use our review response templates and the Swell App to make it easy for your team to respond to new customer reviews.

TeamChat for coordinated customer response.

Keep your team on message with Swell TeamChat to deliver the excellent customer service that can earn more stellar 5-star reviews.

how to increase your reviews on google

Promote your Online Review Profile

As ReviewInviter begins to do it's work you will see your online review profile expand. Your customers already love you and want to reward you with a great review.

In the past it may have been a challenge for your customers to figure out how to exactly do it.

With ReviewInviter they just have to tap a link in a text message to arrive on the exact spot in Google to start typing out their comments.

Substantial growth in your online reviews is the result.

With ReviewInviter you can access 3 great tools to promote your newly won online reviews.

  • ReviewPix
  • ReviewShowcaser Widget
  • Current Reviews Embed Script


ReviewPix takes current reviews and creates an attractive social media image post which automatically appears on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Each post includes the original review, the reviewer's name and star rating.

The review is displayed graphically along with an attractive image to draw attention to this new online review.

The text of the post includes a link back to the original review site.

And you can use the Call-To-Action message to generate excitement for a current offer or an item you want to focus on for your business.

increase google reviews

ReviewShowcaser Widget

increase reviews on google

Stream your 5-Star reviews on every page of your website

Your website visitors want to be sure that others have had a good experience with your business. The ReviewShowcaser Widget shows your current reviews, one at a time, in a small popup at the bottom of the page as a visitor scrolls on your site.

If the visitor clicks the "More" link the complete review pops up to view...

Next the visitor can scroll through other 5-star reviews or click on the call to action you prefer.

Current Reviews Embed Script

Display current 5-star reviews on your website testimonial page

Perfect for displaying all your current online reviews on one page like your testimonials page or even the bottom of your website home page.

Your team has worked hard to give great customer service to earn such great reviews.

Display them proudly so all your potential new customers know they are making the right choice when they choose your business.

how to increase google reviews

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