How to Get More Reviews

How Dewey Beach

Watersports Tripled Their Reviews in 45 Days

how to get more reviews

The Background

Dewey Beach Watersports is a watersports rental business in Dewey Beach, Delaware. They offer jet ski, pontoon boat, paddleboard, and kayak rentals, along with banana boat rides.

Dillon is the current owner. He was the first employee hired in 2014 working closely with the owner, then took full ownership of the business in 2019 at age 22. Dewey Beach Watersports has a young culture that they are proud of, which has now grown to 25 employees.

The Problem

Before starting with Swell, they had been in business for 7 years and were only averaging around 10 new reviews per YEAR. They were asking for reviews one by one in person, and didn’t have a formalized strategy. Since a lot of their customers were returning from previous years, they felt they were missing out on a big potential to get more customers through reviews.

Favorite Swell Tools

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The Solution

Dewey Beach Watersports started using Swell because they wanted to increase their amount of reviews, and provide better service. They were able to do this by utilizing automated review invites through Swell Review and by allowing their customers to communicate with them more conveniently through Swell Webchat.

"My employees love seeing all of the new reviews come through, because some of our customers will give shout-outs for delivering great service.”

Since implementing Swell, they were able to generate 192 new reviews in the first 45 days! They’ve also had 136 total webchat submissions, which has freed up a lot of time for their employees that was previously being spent on the phone, and allowed their customers and prospects to get answers to their questions more quickly.

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