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How Acre Wood Dental

Got to 1,800 Reviews

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The Background

Getting by was never enough for Acre Wood.

Dr. Benjamin Johnson and his brother Dan Johnson were at the helm of a thriving practice, but they wanted more new patients and they wanted to grow.

For them to succeed, they needed to elevate their status online, so prospects could find them, trust them, and become new patients.

Dan's Plan

Luckily, Dan had a plan.

It stemmed from watching his wife make a purchase on a website simply because it had the most reviews.

Something clicked.

More reviews show prospects you have a higher status and provide better quality.

He knew what he needed to do. “If people are looking for dentists in our area, we want the most reviews because the perception will be that we’re the best.” He says.

Why Dan Stopped Asking for Reviews

With that in mind, Dan set about creating a process for gathering more reviews. He quickly discovered that having his staff ask for reviews wasn’t working. “We’d get reviews here and there, but it was more work and time than we were getting back,” he says.

He wanted something better, but dental offices are busy places and any new tool must be easy to learn and use. “We needed a tool that wouldn’t take any time or effort but still give us a good return,” says Dan. “That’s when we found Swell.”

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